Slimefun Helper Pet Now Live

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Now, when you graduate from Minepixel University in-game using the /uni command or purchase a Slimefun Unlock from the store, you get the exclusive Slimefun Helper Pet.

This little guy will follow you around with the Slimefun guide while you tend to your machines!

Moobloom Pets Now Live

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On September 27, 2020, it was announced that a mob vote will take place during Minecraft Live 2020 on October 3 at 12 PM Eastern - the Moobloom was one of three mobs on the vote, but was the first one to be eliminated. They would have spawned in flower forests and interacted with bees in some way.

The iconic cow from Pocket Edition lost to Glowsquid in the mob vote for Java edition, but is now exclusively available on the Minepixel rank!

Type /mpet to spawn. Purchase Minepixel Rank here: 75% OFF Ghastly Halloween Sale until October 31st 2020

Slimefun PHD Degree now available

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If you've purchased Slimefun Unlock from, you can now get the @[🧪] Slimefun Researcher role, and claim your customized Slimefun PHD on Discord by typing $sf in the #bot-commands channel.

Note: If $sf does not work for you, re-log on the server.

To purchase, visit and click Slimefun Unlock to purchase it for 75% OFF Ghastly Halloween Sale until 10/31/2020!

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