1O8's Appeal


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Minecraft Name 1O8

On what date was administrative action taken against you? May 22, 2020

For what reason was administrative action taken against you? Staff disrespect.

Why should we reverse administrative action? I got temp banned for "staff disrespect" when all i said was that my friend didn't have to return items to a player because they got it from a chest in the wild. I didn't break any rules at all but yet was punished for standing up for my friend. Here are screenshots that show proof. The first one was taken by someone in my town.
https://gyazo.com/19340f8e9d28c4ac84bda0c2498e7e70 this ss shows before what the in game one + after and I highlighted it so you don't have to search for it

Normally I would've just sat out the ban, but seeing as this is the first day of Kingdoms and I didn't even break rules, as all I done was type out that the chest was unclaimed so therefore wouldn't have to give items back, I figured I should try to get unbanned. The fact that I wasn't the only one who said that he was wrong but yet I was only one to be punished for speaking out.. I know its only a day ban but I have stage 3 lung cancer and lately I've been getting alot weaker so Im not sure how many days I have left if I'm being honest here. Normally I wouldn't pull that cancer card but i just enjoy this server and my friends that I have made here and it is sad not being able to spend time on it due to something that wasn't fair.

My ban was only for one day, I just didn't want this ban to be in my history for someone to put it against me when in reality I didn't do anything wrong.
Thanks! :)
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