Denied coolldog75's Staff Applications

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User name: coolldog75

Minecraft Name coolldog75

Age 18

Timezone Eastern

Rank Endgame

Prior Moderation Experience? I have held mod ranks on other smaller minecraft servers throughout the time ive been playing minecraft. I held the expert rank on the previous servers which meant I had a staff rank and helped people with there questions. I am very active in chat and help to answer many players questions.

Activity I have been playing on this server since the early blockville days. I now average 6-10 hours on the discord and minecraft server.

Most active server Kingdom

Advice Live your life to the fullest.

Discord Yes

Recordings Yes

Number of Applications 1

How did you find this server? My friend Gracie(Purplishie) told me about it in 2013

Comments Thank you for considering me for staff.


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Lead Admin

This is due to the fact that you constantly are getting into trouble on both Discord and the server. You have an inability to listen to authority which makes me feel as you would not be a good fit for the staff team.
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