New Earth Launch Date Announced!


New Earth will be launching this Friday at 2pm US Central time / 8pm UK time!

- Full 1.16 version with 1.8 PVP (toggleable)
- Get ready for your rebirth on a brand New Earth
- Remain a nomad, join a town or build your own nation!
- Advance through Era's to unlock additional perks. Reach the space age to travel to the Moon and encounter alien life
- Build a gateway to hell, fight demons, and Satan himself!
- Skirmish with other towns using tanks, planes and helicopters across unclaimed battlefields
- Farm and trade illicit substances
- And much more!

Limitations (This server is not for the casual Minecrafter)
- No /sethome (only bed respawning and respawn anchors)
- No /tpa (utilize vehicles, stargates, nether portals, and GPS teleporters for fast travel)
- No /spawn (you are born straight into the world with nothing)
- No custom enchantments (no emerald enchantments either)
- Nerfed /kits (donor kits have been heavily nerfed and your advantage ends early on)
- Nerfed /shop (shop only allows buying and selling of food and mob drops)
- No inventory keep
- And much more!

Dynmap coming soon!
Are you ready?
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