In-processing Yuri's Staff Applications


New member
User name: Yuri

Minecraft Name qYuri_

Age 18

Timezone EST

Rank Immortal (Not sure if it'll get changed to a new name in the future tho lol)

Prior Moderation Experience? Pleanty, i've been staff for you guys before even.
For refenence because i changed my name.

I was removed from the team due to inactivity. My computer broke down, then the server died shortly after i reapplied

Activity First login was back when it first opened as a very basic survival server with grief protection.

Most active server Earth

Advice You will have to deal with something you cant comprehend, Take it slowly and ask them to explain. They likely will.

Discord Yes

Recordings Yes

Number of Applications Technically 3? 2 from the previous server, 1 was accepted. 2 didnt receive a response as the server died. and this is my 3rd.

How did you find this server? I was invited by Furq himself. No, im not kidding. I know exactly how dumb this sounds. I can provide screenshots.

Comments Not really, i just figured i could help out some more again.
My discord is Yuri#9526
There wasnt a field to put that.